IINNO Transportation™ We provided professional logistical support and consulting services as if we where your very own companies dedicated transportation team. VIEW SERVICES GET FREE QUOTE Brokerage Services IINNO Custom Brokerage Services™ is our full service, international transparent solutions on a complete freight management prospective. GET FREE QUOTE VIEW SERVICES IINNO Cargo Express™ is our expedited service, when you need a shipment moved quick, safe and secure. INNO Cargo Express™ VIEW SERVICES GET FREE QUOTE

Who We Are

IINNO is a transportation carrier and professional logistic service provider that brings our clients a solidified solution to move cargo.
At IINNO, our goal is to provide top quality service, excellent communication, affordable rates all while using the latest technology & equipment which reduces CO2 emissions.

  • Deliver Environmentally Responsible Client Services
  • Attractive Working Environment
  • Be an Active Community Partner
  • Maintain High Ethical Standards
  • Drive Continuous Improvement
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